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Batam Centre to Harbourfront Ferry Information

Indonesia and Singapore. The services between these destinations are done mainly by 3 service providers that collectively offer 43 trips on a daily basis.

Since Batam is the main harbour in Indonesia, travellers frequently travel through ferry. Batam Center is easily approachable and accessible for tourists because of its proximity to the airport, shopping mall and other attractions.

Being a popular tourist spot, Batam attracts a large number of tourists, making the ferry service from Batam Center to HarbourFront in Singapore popular.

batam centre to harbourfront ferry

Batam Center - HarbourFront Ferry Operator

While 3 ferry operators are working on this route, one of the most popular operators is Sindo Ferry. Sindo Ferry Pte Ltd came into existence when Penguin Ferry Pte Ltd was acquired.

With over 39 years of combined experience, this ferry operator now provides an extensive network to Batam, Tanjung Balai, Tanjung Pinang, Waterfront City, and to Sekupang Ferry Terminal. Their head office is in HarbourFront, and they have other offices in other ferry terminals as well. They now operate one-way trips and round trips daily for leisure as well as business travellers.

Batam Center to HarbourFront Average Ferry Prices

Batam to HarbourFront ferry services are available daily with to and fro sailings between these destinations. The ticket price from Batam Center to HarbourFront differs for adults and children. Anyone under the age of 12 is considered a child, and children above the age of 12 are considered adults.

The average ticket rate for the Batam Center to HarbourFront ferry services ranges between $35 and $45 per person for a single way trip. The three ferry operators have different rates for their services, and the ticket rates are also subject to the season.

The ticket rate of Sindo Ferry is $34 and $17 for adults for round trips and single way trips, and the ticket rate for round trips and a single way for children are $24 and $12 respectively.

Batam Center to HarbourFront Ferry Schedule

Batam Center to HarbourFront schedule for the Sindo Ferry is frequent with one sailing every 70-80 minutes. The first ferry starts at 6 am, and the last one from Batam is at 8.40 pm.

The average time taken for each trip is one hour.

Things to do in HarbourFront

  1. Vivocity is a famous shopping mall that attaches the Skytrain going to Sentosa with HarbourFront MRT. This shopping centre has cinema halls and an amphitheatre.
  2. Sentosa beach: Sentosa island contains several beaches, and many of them are on the list of famous honeymoon destinations as well. A trip to any of these beaches would be a wonderful experience. You can also enjoy water sports, retreats, a trip to the Insect Kingdom, and Butterfly Park.
  3. HarbourFront Center includes the cruise embarkment area and a grand shopping centre. It is a wonderful spot for a one-stop-for-all-shopping experience.
  4. SkyPark is an adventurous activity centre where you can enjoy varied entertainment options such as mini bowling, bumpy car rides, carnivals, to name a few. The water play area attached to the park is a wonderful place for the little ones to enjoy.

Key Points to Remember When Traveling by Ferry from Batam Centre to Harbourfront

One of the most popular ferry routes in Southeast Asia is the Batam to Harbourfront ferry. The tour is mainly for people looking to visit Singapore from Indonesia and making it more manageable. The Batam centre to Harbourfront schedule can be found online with ease.

Here are some key points to remember:

  • There are mainly three service providers who facilitate this trip. They offer 43 trips collectively on a daily basis.
  • Batam is Indonesia‚Äôs main harbour and is easily accessible by many tourists as it is also close to the airport.
  • The ferry service is the most popular, and it takes around 55 to 70 minutes to complete the trip, one way. 
  • The tickets may cost anywhere between $17 and $34.
  • The earliest ferry leaves at 8:00 AM, and the last one leaves around 9:50 PM.
  • You can visit Merlion, Sentosa Island, Marina Bay, and more.
  • If you arrive in Singapore, you can head over and visit the Boat Quay, Marina Bay, and other nice tourist spots for good food.
  • The availability of vendors at these spots is restricted due to COVID-19. Also, the necessary safety precautions need to be followed.
  • The safety initiatives include wearing a mask at all times, maintaining social distancing, and gaining approval for border crossings, including testing and quarantining measures.

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