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Harbourfront to Batam Centre Ferry Information

HarbourFront to Batam Center ferry carries passengers from Singapore to the island city of Indonesia. Batam is the largest and busiest city in Indonesia that sees a high turnout of tourists from Singapore and Malaysia.

The HarbourFront terminal is a busy port, making Singapore a hotspot in business. On the other hand, the Batam Center has many people visiting from Singapore for tourism and business purposes. It is thriving with shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, etc., making the HarbourFront to Batam Center ferry one of the busiest between these countries.

harbourfront to batam centre ferry

HarbourFront - Batam Center Ferry Operator

The last few years have seen an increase in the number of tourists from Singapore to Indonesia through the ferry terminals. The best ferry operator in this route is the Sindo Ferry. This operator has been in the business for a few decades now and is well known for its services.

Timely service of HarbourFront ferry to Batam at regular intervals, as well as cleanliness, has helped them gain an edge over other operators. Each ferry can accommodate 150-300 passengers depending on the vessel and the seating arrangement. It is very easy to book a seat on Sindo Ferry online on the redBus platform.

HarbourFront to Batam Center Average Ferry Prices

HarbourFront to Batam ferry prices range between SGD 43 and SGD 64 depending on the ferry operator, the transporting vessel, and the season. The base price of ferry tickets with Sindo Ferry is SGD 34 for roundtrip and SGD 17 for a single way ticket. These prices apply to adults who are above the age of 12.

Children aged 0-12 must take a ticket, but theirs cost half the rate of adult tickets. Their ticket rates are SGD 24 and SGD 12 for a round trip and single way trip per person.

You can check out the price details for the HarbourFront to Batam Center ferries on redBus mobile application.

Batam Center to Batam Center Ferry Schedule

The HarbourFront to Batam Center ferry schedule is pretty straight with 14 sailings by Sindo Ferry. As per their timetable, the first vessel of the day starts at 8 am, and the last one departs at 9.50 pm (as per Singapore Time).

These 14 ferries are spanned out at an average interval of one hour from each other. Some of the scheduled trips are subject to booking confirmation.

The services are open for business travel, leisure, group travel ( a group having ten or more people is eligible for group booking), etc.

The average time to travel from one ferry terminal to the other is one hour.

Things to do in Batam Center

  1. Batam Cable Ski Park: Batam is known for water sports, and this park is an ideal option for jet skiing, canoeing, snorkelling, etc., among other activities.
  2. Nongsa Beach is a peaceful sandy beach that has a few diners nearby where you can either enjoy some time sunbathing or have a meal during the sunset. It happens to be one of the rare areas where there is a lesser crowd.
  3. Barelang Bridge is an iconic sight to look at in the evenings. The bridge connects the mainland to Galang Island and is the perfect place to click Instagram-worthy pics.
  4. Tanjung Uma gives a glimpse into the old and historical places of the country. Here you can see the stilt houses floating over the water.
  5. Ocarina Park is perfect for a family outing with kids. This entertainment complex has several rides, including a waterpark, movie theatre, food court, etc.
  6. Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall is the best place for a shopping adventure, where you can grab souvenirs as well.

Key Points to Remember When Traveling by Ferry from Harbourfront to Batam Centre

The Harbourfront centre ferry to Batam is one of the most popular routes in the Malaccan region, purely because of the significant importance both of these ports have. Singapore is a hotspot for a lot of business and there are plenty of individuals who make the trip regularly.

  • Sindo Ferry is known as one of the best ferry services that operate this route
  • You can have both a one-way trip or a round trip, with tickets available for both. The tickets range from $17 to $64.
  • Each of the ferries can accommodate between 150 to 300 people
  • The tickets for children are half the rate for adults and they can be purchased on the site too.
  • You can choose from 14 ferries that make this trip regularly
  • According to the schedule for the ferry to Batam center, the first one leaves at 8 AM, while the last one departs at 9:50 PM
  • There are plenty of things to do in Batam Centre, like the Ski Park, Nongsa Beach, Barelang Beach, Tanjung Uma, Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall, Ocarina Park and more
  • The average time to travel between these two ports is around one hour
  • COVID-19 precautions and rules might be in effect at both ports, so be informed about the same.

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