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Tanah Merah to Tanjung Pinang Ferry Information

Tanah Merah to Tanjung Pinang is a prominent route as a lot of tourists who visit Singapore love to visit Bintan Island. You can easily pre-book a ferry from the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal in Singapore to Bintan Island.

Tanjung Pinang is the capital of the Riau Islands, Indonesia and is a great tourist spot.

You can easily book a ferry ticket on your desired route via the redBus mobile application or website.

tanah merah to tanjung pinang ferry

Tanah Merah to Tanjung Pinang Ferry Operator

Sindo Ferry is one of the largest and most experienced ferry operators in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Founded in 2011, they own 16 modern ferries with adequate seating and amenities today. Sindo Ferry is also part of a group of companies that have been providing ferry and hospitality services in the Southeast Asia region for the past 20 years.

You can check the timings, images, etc., for the Tanah Merah to Tanjung Pinang ferry route on redBus before booking tickets.

Tanah Merah to Tanjung Pinang Average Ferry Prices

For Tanah Merah to Tanjung Pinang ferry, a one-way ticket for an adult costs around SGD 22, while for a child it is around SGD 17. All the passengers who are above 12 years fall under the category of adults. The average price of a two-way ticket for an adult is around SGD 44, and that for a child is SGD 34. The fare prices mentioned are inclusive of surcharge.

You may have to pay the Singapore Passenger Departure Fee and the Pinang Terminal Fee which are not included in the prices mentioned above. The terminal fee is only applicable while departing from/ on reaching a particular terminal.

Tanah Merah to Tanjung Pinang Ferry Schedule

Sindo Ferry provides two ferries on this route on Saturdays, Sundays, or any other Singapore public holiday. These two ferries depart from the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal at 10:20 AM and 2:40 PM respectively on designated days. They also provide ferries daily on other days. From Mondays to Friday, a Sindo Ferry will depart from Tanah Merah at 12:30 PM. Two ferries also depart from the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal for Tanjung Pinang at 8:40 AM and 6:20 PM daily.

It takes approximately 1 hour and 50 minutes to cover this route by ferry. One can easily see the expected travel duration of any particular ferry on the redBus mobile application or website.

Key Points to Remember When Traveling by Ferry from Tanah Merah to Tanjung Pinang

A very prominent ferry route in Southeast Asia is the Tanah Merah to Tanjung Pinang route, most used by people who love to visit the Bintan Island. 

A few key points worth remembering are:

  • Travelers can now take direct ferries from Tanah Merah to Tanjung Pinang simply by booking a ticket online on redBus.
  • While there are a lot of ferry operators on this route, the best one from the collection is Sindo Ferry, offering the best services to its customers.
  • For a one-way ticket, the average ticket price for a ferry from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to Tanjung Pinang is about SGD 22 for adults and SGD 17 for children below the ages of 12.
  • The average Ferry price for 2-way tickets includes SGD 44 for adults and SGD 34 for children. 
  • Prices may vary based on the ferry operator and the type of ferry you choose. 
  • On Saturdays, Sundays, and on other Singapore public holidays, Sindo Ferry provides only about 2 ferries.
  • On weekdays, the first ferry Tanah Merah to Tanjung Pinang leaves the terminal at 8:40 am, and the last ferry leaves at 6:20 pm. 
  • When in Tanjung Pinang, be sure to visit White Sands Island, Sun Te Kong Temple, and Banyan Tree Temple. 
  • Some of the city’s best restaurants are Happy Catering, Pelangi Restaurant Seafood, and Restaurant Bumi Maitri. 
  • Easily pre-book ferry tickets to travel on this route by simply using the redBus website or app.

Things to do in Tanjung Pinang

Some of the best places to visit and activities to do in Tanjung Pinang are as follows:

• Visit White Sands Island – This island is part of the Tanjung Pinang region and is a great place for nature buffs. It would be best if you chose an ideal time to visit this island as the boats to this island are only available in the absence of sea tides.

• Go Shopping & Dining at the Main Street – This street has many eat-outs where you can try the local cuisines. You can also shop for souvenirs/artefacts from the local market.

• Visit the Sun Te Kong Temple – This temple has immense historical and pilgrimage importance. There is a river near the temple, and you can enjoy a sense of tranquillity at this place.

• Visit the Banyan Tree Temple – This pilgrimage site is one of the most visited places on Bintan Island.

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